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Air Filtration

Change Your A/C Filter!

We recommend you replace your air filter more in the summer because your A/C unit runs about 25-30% more during this time of year. If you have one of those 3 month filters and you let it go unchanged, it’s probably restricting the air flow & working your outside A/C unit harder than it needs to (more energy used plus more wear & tear on the System)

Changeable Air Filters Pensacola
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Call Gulf Coast Air Care to Get your Air Filters Now We have the highest quality air filters that will ensure your house will stay free of dust and other particles.

Air-Safe Filter Frame Package

Starter Package – Includes (1) permanent frame and (6) disposable inserts for residential sizes. The Air-Safe disposable media filter insert is a multi-stage whole house micro particle air filter. Used in combination with the double seal frame, the Air-Safe disposable media insert offers a common sense solution to the problem of dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants.Please call for pricing on filters over 24 x 30.

Stage One -Consists of a medium diameter non-woven filament designed to contain large visible dust and lint particles

Stage Two – Consists of a fine diameter non-woven filament designed to contain fine particles.

Stage Three – A non-drying permanently attached gel designed to catch and contain sub visible particles.

Pensacola Air-Safe Filters
Air-Safe Filters Pensacola
Air Filter Pensacola
Air Filters Pensacola

Stop Wasting Your Money With Air By-Pass Pleated Filters

Problem – HVAC pleated air filters are made approximately 1/2 to 5/8 inch undersized, resulting in a full inch gap between filters in a side-access system.

Even if pleated filters are forced down the track and a vertical foam or metal spacer is added at the door, the variation in paperboard filter frame construction typically allows enough space to slide 2 or 3 business cards between pleated filters.

Following the path of least resistance, a substantial amount of particle-laden-air travels through the space between pleated filters. This unfiltered air leaves particle deposits on coils or quickly loads downstream filters.

Get The Filter That WILL Work – AirSafe 2000 disposable dual density insert offers a common sense solution to the problem of dust, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants.