Or, maybe don’t “chance it” & get an inspection;

~ change of season is just around the corner ~

If you’ve spent the last  month chasing rainbows and looking for pots ‘o Gold, I’ve got a secret for you…let me say there is real gold in your home comfort system, by that I mean, extending its service life, not needing to buy a new A/C system will leave gold in your pocket; also, a tune-up and cleaning before heading into Spring & Summer will leave some coins for you too, instead of giving them to Gulf Power in the form of wasted energy… Maybe this is the year you quit betting on the Luck ’O the Irish to get thru the season & do a real honest to goodness evaluation for true comfort; it’s time to consider a whole house dehumidifier… there is no obligation if you call us to enquire, but if your truly serious we’ll get you a gadget to monitor you humidity and then you’ll have your own proof that you need to see this thru…

Call us today & ask for a free hygrometer or we can “data-log” your home for a small fee & you’ll have an extensive report of what really happening 24 -7 in your home.

 The Hot/Humid climate, in which we live, gets special attention with regard to the De-Humidifier.  There are new Wall mount dehumidifiers’ that will help with some of the more challenging installation’s we see!  A de-hue will provide the maximum comfort in the indoor environment.  I’ve got one at my house & I never want to live in another home without one!! 

Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL There’s one thing you need to check & you need to know… if you’re above 60% relative humidity (RH) you will eventually have an mold issue, not to mention, above 60% RH is  NOT comfortable (45% is best)

Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL Air Filtration is simple, you can change that on a regular basis & you need to, so that you keep the dirt & dust buildup out of your system, if you need help with air filters, Just call us

Air-Safe HVAC Filter Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL

The return needs to be sized correctly too or you will be under-ventilating the building;

Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL

Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL We are the “go-to” company in the area for HVAC  solutions that have proven to be trouble for other companies to fix, the reason is … Because we test all the home we fix with proven building science measures, SO if you have a Comfort, Energy or Unhealthy building issue that you’ve been struggling with, You know who to call.

Be proactive with your home comfort & health.  Because if you don’t test, it’s just a guess

We can & want to HELP!   Call today for an inspection

Gulf Coast Air Care  is at (850) 934-2768 or  [email protected]