“The New Year’s Agenda for the HVAC system” 

Wait… What? Can someone Explain Please? Welcome to 2019

What? There’s an agenda for the HVAC system? Are You Kidding Me? … Well, yes the AGENDA is certainly real; let me enlighten you. From the viewpoint of the HVAC system, it’s just like breathing, you take Furnace/Air-Conditioner for granted; you don’t think about breathing & most people don’t think about their system until something goes wrong, then it comes fully focused in your face & the cussing & regrets begin.
How ‘bout we share ‘The AGENDA’ so this is unlikely to happen…?
Who wouldn’t want a:
● Clean,
● Healthy,
●Comfortable Home or Office;
plus one that’s easy on the ‘ol power meter & the energy bill?
So here’s the AGENDA: 
1) Annual Inspection, seasonal for sure or twice, if you really want a pain free maintenance program… Let’s face it, the HVAC system is the most ignored & important system in the house; oh, sure you constantly look at & adjust the thermostat on the wall but what about looking at the coils blower & enclosure? See any mold or mildew. IF you live in Florida or any other humid climate, you’ll eventually have to deal with microbial growth, and that my friends is a “moisture driven” issue.
If your  “A” coil looks like this,
you’ve got problems brewing… But how would you know if you don’t have an inspection?
2) Install the best filter & appropriately sized filter grills so the place can breathe; aka ventilate… The Air Return needs to be sized correctly or you will be under-ventilating the building; you wouldn’t try to run a marathon while breathing thru a coffee straw would you? Same thing; Change your grill to allow more airflow; change your filter to reduce dust & dirt. We have a simple guide to figure out if your return air opening is sized correctly, just call us at the office, we’ll send it right over; be sure to mention the 2019 HVAC Agenda!!!
 Look how much dirt & dust builds up on this undersized filter
3) Finally, if you want the truest comfort, plus the healthiest building, you’ve got to address themoisture issue, Get a little gadget call a hygrometer and measure your indoor Humidity
 If you’re over 60% relative humidity, you need to consider the following 3 things:
● Balancing the airflow
 Lastly a word of caution; All duct systems are different, so if you’ve had an equipment change, maybe a check-up (test) on the ducts, the airflow and the overall performance efficiency are in order. Lots of contractors will sell you a bill of goods that are supposed to a “Fix All” panacea for Indoor Air Quality issues, like, say…comfort! But “if you don’t test it’s just a guess;”
To address your 2019 HVAC Agenda call us today (850) 934-2768 Be proactive with your home comfort & health. You know where to find us…We can & want to HELP! [email protected]