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Moisture & Humidity
Humidity, It’s Coming Back & It Will Affect Your Home!
The only effective way you can reduce Humidity in the indoor environment is to have a dedicated system and to make sure that you have control of the “Gaps, Cracks, & Holes” in your building. There are times during the year that we experts call “the shoulder season”; the time when there is plenty of humidity but it’s not warm enough to run the A/C system. This is when its cool, clammy, and even wet enough to sustain mold growth.
Call Gulf Coast Air Care to Schedule Your Free Inspection. We will come out and check your A/C system and make sure that mold and other harmful bacteria are not causing you health issues!
Secrets To a Comfortable Home & Lower Utility Bills
Prevention: You can save plenty of cash & keep your home comfortable if you plan ahead & take advantage of the seasonal check up that are offered, going into the hot summer season. The HVAC system is the most costly system in your home, and it’s unbearable when you don’t have it running properly. So plan ahead don’t be unhappy in the summer heat. Call To Schedule Your Free Inspection Today.
Monitor Humidity & Temperature: The easiest way to save money and to live comfortably is to keep a close eye on the humidity level in the home. For each and every degree of temperature you raise your thermostat this summer season, you can save 10% on your utility bill according to research from Gulf Power. So the question becomes, how do you raise the temperature & still stay comfortable? The secret is to lower humidity. If you can keep the moisture out it will still be fresh & crisp at a higher temp. The worst thing in the world for a high humidity problem is an A/C unit that is too big for the home.
Properly Sized A/C System:A seasoned service tech knows that the problem is usually in the duct system, if the A/C equipment is cooling. This means looking elsewhere for the problem ~ like in the attic. If this sounds right to you, Call Gulf Coast Air Care Today.
If your humidity is out of whack (above 60%) or you aren’t comfy in the evening when the heat of the day is gone, we can help! Remember, if there isn’t a true diagnostic test, then it’s just a guess. “Guessing about Comfort” is what got you to the expensive & aggravating problem in the first place.