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Mold and Mildew

Stop Mold Growth in Your Home
During the summertime A/C season many people experience mold growing in their home and are completely unaware of it. Mold can grow in your A/C ducts and is more likely to happen over the summer due to increased A/C usage. This can cause not only increased utility bills, but health problems also. In Winter, no A/C means, nothing will dehumidify; in a humid climate there is always moisture which can lead to mold problems if not inspected and monitored on a regular basis. Ask us about a simple & inexpensive weather gadget to help you& your family avoid a mold related health problem.
Don’t Let Mold Ruin Your Home
Schedule Your Free Inspection today and let Gulf Coast Air Care make sure you are safe for the upcoming A/C season!
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Do What the Pros Do!
Eliminate the Source
DO NOT RUN YOUR A/C FAN IN THE “ON” POSITION. You can help yourself by understanding how the A/C system works. The Evaporator coil or “Cooling Coil” is in the air handler unit or the part of the A/C system that is indoors. When the A/C runs, the coil is wet ~ that’s how it cools the home & the moisture is the humidity it’s removing from the building. This source of water can really give you problems if you don’t let the fan cycle on & off (auto) when the thermostat cycles. If you run the fan all the time you are pushing some of that water from the coil into the duct-work, which gets the insulation wet, and grows all kinds of nasty spores & unhealthy mold.
Sterilize The Coil Fins & Surface
In order to do this you need to use the strong UV rays of the sun!. Gulf Coast Air Care uses a light fixture that shines with the same intense UVC light the sun uses directly on the wet coil so that nothing can grow!
Don’t miss out on the most effective mold control product on the market to date for your A/C system. “I have these in my home & if there were something better, I would be telling you all about it.” – Todd St.Ores, owner of Gulf Coast Air Care.
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