Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL    1.  Change your Filter!

This is typically a monthly occurrence but some old fashioned programs have people changing filters with the season. The modern types of high-efficiency filters require attention every month or 6 weeks… at the most.

For proper filter sizing, we have a special, easy to use guide we can send you via email to help you figure that out.

Any particles that get thru the air filter can build up in the Air Handler Unit or Coil and cause a major power drain while the unit is running. When the heat does kick on this year, you will be burning that build-up off the heat strip or heat exchanger (gas furnace). Keep a clean air filter & your problems are minimized.

Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL 2. Consider a Digital Thermostat… for accuracy.

The better your T-stat, the less your unit & system will need to run to chase the temperature setting. Most people move their t-stat setting at night…for comfort. The thing is, if you can get used to 1 degree or two lower on the indoor temp. during the day, you can save 10-20% on your heating & cooling bill. Every degree you go down, on the thermostat setting for heating during the winter, will save you about 10%, according to Gulf Power.

So program your thermostat for a lower setting during the day when no one is home; then adjust it after you get home each day. The Digital Programmable T-Stats are the most accurate.

3. Monitor the Humidity.

monitor humidityAs soon as we reach that point in the season where the A/C turns off, we give up the ability to De-humidify the building. The only way to dry down a house is to run the A/C or get a Dehumidifier. First, go out & get an inexpensive Temperature & Humidity monitor for $10-$12.

If you have 60% RH or higher, you need help! High Humidity can lead to mold growth or health/breathing issues. This is the time of year (the entire next 6 months, actually) for a whole house de-humidifier since the A/C will be running minimally, so you get less dehumidification… You have that cool clammy feeling not that Crisp air like you want.


4. Get a House and Duct leakage test.

If you have House or Duct leakage you are wasting a lot of money & energy by letting heated air leak into the attic or crawl space. According to a US Dept. of Energy study, a typical duct system can leak anywhere from 25% to 40% of the air it is supposed to deliver to the house.

Many HVAC service companies will change-out your A/C or furnace equipment and never test or even look at the ducts, much less the whole house as a system. We do it all!!

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