Well, We made it… or Almost made it to the end of Summer.
We still have a lot of warm weather to go but the worst is behind us, now we start keeping a wary eye on the tropics for the rest of the hurricane season
What your A/C system needs now is an inspection for buildup from all the A/c run time & potentially get all the build up cleaned off the Evaporator coil, which is the coil in the inside part of the furnace or Air Handler Unit (AHU)…

When we turn off our A/C units in a couple months, everything on the coil & in the unit starts to dry up or become flaky and become airborne a lot easier, since the moisture that was on the coil every day during Air Conditioning season was holding it in place & also allowing it to build-up.  Get somebody to look at your unit & get it cleaned before the change of season.
The worst health reactions that I see from HVAC system related illnesses come at the change of the season going from cooling to heating; the fist heater cycle causes all that stuff to burn or bake off the coil and then it blows into the duct system and on into the home …. this can be really bad for somebody with bad allergies or sensitivities
Also  if your air filter looks like this: its time for a change

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