Do ya believe in “Luck” on A/C repairs?

If you’ve spent the last  month chasing rainbows and looking for pots ‘o Gold, I’ve got a secret for you…let me say there is real gold in your home comfort system, by that I mean, extending its service life, not needing to buy a new A/C system will leave gold in your pocket; also, a tune-up and cleaning before heading into Spring & Summer will leave some coins for you too

The New Year’s Agenda for the HVAC system

“The New Year’s Agenda for the HVAC system”  Wait… What? Can someone Explain Please? Welcome to 2019 What? There’s an agenda for the HVAC system? Are You Kidding Me? … Well, yes the AGENDA is certainly real; let me enlighten you. From the viewpoint of the HVAC system,...

We declare war on mercury bulb thermostats

The time has come for us to talk about thermostat upgrades.  If you still have an older style T-stat that still has mercury bulbs in it... you can do better!  Better temperature control, better energy efficiency and less wear & tear on your HVAC equipment.  Plus,...