1.  Go find the drain line outside by the A/C unit & see if the water coming out  is Clear or “Slimy and Milky

If it’s not clear water, you’re about to have a water incident or flood when the drain backs up through the A/C unit and overflows in the house.  Clear the line (use a shop vac) & cut back any weeds or growth & keep your eye on that potential problem.

Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL    2.  Change your A/C Filter!

I have shortened my filter life in the summer because I have about 20-25% more run-time on my A/C unit.  If you have one of those 3-month filters and you let it go unchanged, it’s probably restricting the airflow & working your outside A/C unit harder than it needs to (that’s more energy used plus more wear & tear on the System)

Airsafe filter with changeable media

Airsafe filter with changeable media


Gulf Coast Air Care Gulf Breeze FL    3.  DO NOT RUN YOUR A/C FAN IN THE “ON” position.

You can help yourself by understanding how the A/C system works. The Evaporator coil or “Cooling Coil” is in the Air Handler Unit or the part of the A/C system that’s in the house (indoors). When the A/C runs, the coil is wet ~ that’s how it cools the home & that moisture on the coil is the humidity the A/C is removing from the building.  This source of water can really give you problems if you run the fan constantly; let the fan cycle off & on in “auto” when the thermostat cycles. If you run the fan all the time you are pushing some of that water & water vapor off the coil into the ductwork, which gets the duct insulation damp, and grows all kinds of nasty spores & mold.   All that water on the coil is the main source the mold growth.

AC4. Check Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan blades can be reversed for summer or winter settings so that cool air flows down in the summer and warm air is propelled up in the winter. Most fans use a switch to reverse the direction of rotation (typically on the outside of the motor housing) Observe the fan while it’s running. In summer, the leading edge of the blade (the part that goes around first & has all the dust) should be higher than the trailing edge (the part that rotates last, i.e. the cleaner edge). When set correctly for summer, you can stand beneath the fan and feel the breeze. This should allow you to adjust your thermostat a degree higher (a 1-degree increase saves 10% on the cooling bill ) ~ saving energy & money while enjoying the cool air. If you don’t have a digital thermostat yet; now is the time!   Better control, more accurate temperatures, and Energy savings!!!

 If you have interest or need more information about killing mold in your system or home, give us a call we can send you info or get you a link to more scientific research about UV & the effect in an HVAC application, or you’d like more money-saving tips, tricks & secrets. No obligation & no pressure, just info.

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